RATIO_Fighter's Jetpack

The Jetpack

What is RATIO_Fighter's Jetpack V.1.2? There you go:

RATIO_Fighter's Jetpack V.1.2

What means "Mm"? It means "Massenmörder"!
What is a Massenmörder? It is a part of a clantag. There you go: HhMm-Clanpage.

Jetpack V.1.2 is a jetpack you can use in Unreal Tournament V.436 to fly around. Great!

How does this stuff work? Simply download the .umod-File found in the table at the bottom of this page. Execute it, locate your UT-installation and click install.
Now just start a normal game and select the "Ratio's Jetpack" mutator, this will replace any Jumpboots with a jetpack.

Match / Mutators
Configure Mutators

You can fly up into the air by pressing your jump button or the 'thrust' button (you can bind any key to this in the options menu).

Options / Preferences
Controls / Jetpack Keys

By default the jump button will work as a combined button for jumping AND the jetpack thrust. You can disable this behaviour in the small dialog found under in the mod menue.

Mods / Ratio's Jetpack v.1.2
Mods / Ratio's Jetpack v.1.2

Be aware that flying draws power off of your jetpack. You can fly for about 30 seconds at full thrust, then the jetpack won't work well anymore. Fortunately the jetpack will recharge itself if you don't use it. Therefore it's generaly a good idea to have a litte stop on the ground BEFORE you fall from the sky... The jetpack is vulnerable to enemy fire, it doesn't take much damage to let it go boom. Be careful not to let the enemy hit your jetpack, as such an explosion would cause you 300 damage points, as well as you will fall down all the way back to the ground. Ouch.

The Bomblauncher

There is a nice little weapon designed to work well with the jetpack. Its ammo nearly looks like a health-pack:

As it's called bomblauncher, you can drop bombs to your enemy while flying around above him with the jetpack:

Unfortunately there is only one map having included the bomblauncher. To try this weapon out in any other map, type "summon RaJetpack.RaBomblauncher" into your console. After picking it up, you can select it by pressing "8". If you also have a flak equiped, this key toggles between the flak and the bomblauncher.

Here you can download the stuff (click right and chose "save link as"):

File Size Description
RaJetpack_v1.2.umod (new Window) 457kb This executable package contains the jetpack, the bomblauncher and the readme-file.
DOM-Stir3.zip 211kb This is the only map including the bomblauncher. It is designed to be played with the jetpack-mutator and cannot be played without it. You can also find this file at jo.devicenull.net/utcmaps. Btw this is the map you can see on the screenshots above.

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